Visual responsive website designer
Zero coding required

Universal Windows App

True native Windows app with modern UWP interface.

Compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10.


Intuitive visual editor makes it simple for anyone to build amazing websites without writing a single line of code.

Unlimited Number Of Websites

Take full control of your designs, create as many websites as you like.

Build and own all your website designs and source files. Easily export all source code for publishing.

Built-in Form Elements

Create professional contact forms with input fields, checkboxes, dropdown lists, date pickers and reCAPTCHA.


Your design will look amazing on any sized screen!

Hazel's built-in web preview mode with adjustable screen width makes it easy for you to quickly preview your design on different sized screens.

Bootstrap Framework

The world's most popular front-end open source toolkit.

Visually create using Bootstrap's powerful responsive web design framework, no coding required.

Plug'n Chug Widgets

Easily embed widgets such as Twitter, Facebook, Paypal Buy Buttons, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Google maps and more.

Theme Management

Hazel supports shared website header and footer sections, this makes it super easy to manage and update the same theme across multiple pages in your website.

SEO Optimizations

Clean and efficient code automatically generated based on your visual designs.

Beautifully optimized for search engine indexing.

Improve your search ranking with mobile-test compatibility and SEO meta tags.

Full Feature Overview
Generates mobile-friendly websites
Visual editor without the need for coding
Integrates with Bootstrap responsive framework
Transition animations
Support for Google Analytics
Export source files locally
Custom HTML and widget integrations
Built-in web preview with adjustable width
Responsive navigation menu and dropdown menus
Full width, edge to edge section background image and background videos
Moving carousel sections
Lightbox image galleries
Image slideshows
Responsive table grids
Scroll-to-top button
Common theme management with website header and footer
Multiple section visibility options for showing and hiding parts of the page
Built-in video and audio players
Search engine optimizations with meta tags and meta descriptions
Built-in HTML source code viewer
Interactive web forms
Rich text editing
Beautiful collection of web fonts
Built-in XML sitemap generator
Built-in website fav icon generator